Fleet Management

When is the best time to replace your lift truck fleet? Unfortunately, this simple question uncovers the fact that over 90% of companies today don’t track their true lift truck fleet costs.

Many questions – Few Answers

Most customers end up with more questions than answers. How much are my trucks really costing? Do we have too many forklifts or not enough? How can we cut costs in the fleet without hurting productivity? We can help.

There is a better way

The WMH SmartFleet process will help you right size, economize, customize and track true costs of your fleet. How do you get started? Call us. We will conduct a Fleet Management Survey that will ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Save money – Lots of it. We guarantee you will save no less than 15%* cost savings on your entire fleet during your first year.

WMH SmartFleet – From Reports to Results.

Maybe it’s time to find out if WMH SmartFleet web based fleet management services are right for your company? Discover the WMH SmartFleet Difference.

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