Seegrid Vision Guided Vehicles

The Next Generation of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Seegrid, in partnership with Wheeler Material Handling, uses patented Vision technology to transform standard pallet trucks and tow tractors into driverless vision guided vehicles (VGVs). Unlike traditional AGVs, Seegrid’s state-of-the-art VGVs are 100% infrastructure free–operating without lasers, wires, magnets or tape–for unmatched flexibility.

Seegrid VGVs have driven over 200,000 miles, solving the greatest challenges facing materials handling today.

Experience 100% Flexibility

Unlike traditional AGVs and other material transporters, Seegrid VGVs are:

  • Simple – Retrain routes in minutes without engineers or CAD drawings
  • Redeployable – Train a single VGV to perform different functions on different shifts
  • Multi-use – Operate in manual or automatic mode for maximum flexibility
  • Interchangeable – Transfer route knowledge from one VGV to another with the push of a button

Who We Are

Dr. Hans Moravec, robotics visionary, invented evidence grid technology during his tenure as a research professor at The Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University in the late 1990s. Pairing evidence grids with stereo vision inspired Moravec to commercialize his invention. Seegrid was founded in 2003—and today hundreds of vision guided vehicles are providing value to customers globally.

Crushing Your Challenges

  • Increase throughput productivity
  • Cut growing labor and operating costs
  • Solve inconsistent labor availability
  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve market competitiveness
  • Exceed customer demands
  • Eliminate forklift accidents and injuries
  • Reduce product, facility, and equipment damage
  • Improve the management of materials