Microlift Electric Pallet Jacks & Stackers

Microlift is a leading manufacturer of light and medium duty electric pallet jacks, walkie stackers, and more. Offering both DC and AC powered units, Microlift offers cost effective units that can be custom ordered to your application.

Microlift walkie stackerWant to place a custom order or learn more?

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Meet your new Warehouse Worker

Microlift electric pallet jacks and walkie stackers are designed to be operator friendly and provide a low cost alternative to traditional forklifts when considering lower hour usage light and medium duty applications.  Microlift units can be specifically customized with various options and to fit a variety of industrial, commercial, and retail applications which maximizes utility and value for your investment.

Powerful. Compact. Hard Working. Reliable.

Tough, durable, yet simple designs provide low maintenance costs and reliability. Microlift electric pallet jacks and stackers are amongst the lowest in terms of total cost of ownership.  Microlift electric pallet jack