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Orion Industrial Lighting Systems

ORION Energy Systems offers environmentally friendly lighting solutions for all your manufacturing and distribution needs. These unique industrial LED and fluorescent fixtures improve your facility lighting by up to 50% yet only require half the costs to operate as compared to metal halide lighting.

Orion exists to increase our customers’ energy efficiency and dramatically reduce their electricity costs. We believe that if we help our customers become successful, we will in turn be successful. We accomplish this through a suite of innovative, rigorously tested, award-winning and reliable technology designed to reduce your true energy costs without compromising quality.

Come see the light!

Orion’s quality products are:

  • Made in the USA 
  • DLC approved
  • UL listed
  • Dark Sky compliant
  • Modular platform

More than just energy savings:

  • Improved lighting creates a safer work environment
  • Innovative products designed to combine for an integrated solution
  • Aggressive ROI
  • Reduced operating cost / positive cash flow
  • Lower maintenance costs   

Orion LED Lighting Systems 

Orion’s ISON Class LED offers a variety of designs that are specific to your environment and application with the goal being to provide the best quality of light for the least amount of energy input.


Permanently drive down costs with an astounding 100,000+ hours of rated life expectancy for standard ISON fixtures and 150,000+ hours for the ISON Cold Storage fixtures. These will be the last fixtures you will install for decades to come.






Apollo Solar Light Pipe

The Apollo Solar Light Pipe is engineered to use no energy, handle the elements, and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Apollo meets or exceeds heavy commercial certifications specified for air infiltration, water penetration, and structural tests. Manufactured and completely assembled in a factory controlled environment, Apollo is ready for installation right out of the box. Reduce your energy use for lighting during peak-load times of the day, when electrical costs are highest, with the Apollo solar light pipe.



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